Resetting directory settings when opening the project or after indexing

Every time I open my project, or after indexing files, the directory configuration resets and I lose the previously set configuration.

For example on this project, it adds the folder located in the vendor and adds a double slash in the package Warp\Sicilying.

This is how it should be...

But if I close and reopen the project or if I restart the indexing, it returns as in the previous image.

How come? Is it possible to lock directory settings?

Now I am using PhpStorm 2023.1.2, but I always had the problem even in previous versions.


Most probably, it happens because of the automatic settings sync with the composer.json.
You may turn off this feature in "Settings/Preferences | PHP | Composer" by unticking "Synchronize IDE settings with composer.json".



Hi Vasiliy Yur,

thank you very much, your suggestion works well!

I then also checked the json composers and indeed there was an error in the package...

Anyway, now I know what it depends on, thank you!


Indexing in PyCharm is responsible for the core features of the IDE: code completion, inspections, finding usages, navigation, syntax highlighting, and refactorings. It starts when you open your project, switch between branches, after you load or unload plugins, and after large external file updates.  myccpay account


Thank you for the update, glad to hear that I was able to assist.