Why Jetbrains not support my report?


I'm developer from Vietnam. I've been using PHPStorm for almost 3 years now (from 24/08/2020). Recently I had a problem with the software, it affected my work a lot.

I reported it in issue tracking. I feel like I'm not being cared for.

So to say, I'm the only person at the company that uses paid software. But I am really disappointed that VSCode can do but what seems simple is very difficult in paid software.

I think I will switch to VSCode in the near future.

Thank you for your cooperation.



Basically, I have checked these tickets and it seems to be, they have low queue priority due to lack of votes and/or a wide product impact.

I am really sorry that there is nothing I can do from my position to raise their priority. I will leave an internal comment with a link to this forum thread to draw some extra attention.