New UI Issues


I am running PyCharm 2023.1.2 (Professional Edition) : Build #PY-231.9011.38, built on May 16, 2023.

A few hours ago I found the option to try the New UI.  Selecting yes was a mistake.  All on the tools and functionality that was once at my fingertips is now hidden below multiple menu decent clicks.  Even getting the Build info above required that I click the hamburger then Help then More info.

Setting and accessing Run/Debug Configurations is nonsensical. First, I have to go hunt for the tool under view to add Run then do that all over again to add Debug.  Clicking Debug brings up a mostly unhelpful sub-window that has a link to add configurations.  I add a configurations and then click Debug again... it does not seem to know that I just set a configuration.

Lastly, for now, in the US I am classes as "legally blind".  I have sight but what I have is poor.  Going to an icon only display with no obvious way to see icon titles without hovering over them is a problem for me.  The icons are small enough that it took me more time than it is taking to write this review to find them.

I really hope there is a way to revert back to the old UI.  I will lose nearly a half day of work over this.


You can revert back to the old UI through the cog icon at the top right.

Select the top icon and at the bottom of the menu you will see that it says "Switch to classic UI"