Mojo Early Adoption for Pycharm

The Jetbrains/Pycharm team should work with Modular/Mojo team to best IDE for Mojo as soon as it’s released. This would be a huge win for Jetbrains, for Modular and for the Python/Mojo developer community. Modular already has a lot of technical challenges on their plate. It’s likely they would be happy to not have to create a lesser IDE on there. Furthermore, the experience from integrating with the Mojo team might even help speed up Pycharm itself. 🙂


Probably, right now it would be great to have an ability to use it in an already existed app (e.g. PyCharm). However, if this language becomes popular, I'd love to see a special IDE for it. First of all, because I don't want to leave JetBrains' IDEs.🙂


A friend just said to me “they should call it MojoDojo”. I had to come here just to say it


I am hoping that JetBrains supports Mojo asap. Looking forward to it! I cannot emphasize how critical this is!


the convenient acceleration is important. So this has to be a target that will be a win for JetBrains.