Git "improvements"

Hello there, I have several questions

- Phpstorm now has a tree-view of git branches, is it possible to disable it and return back to a list-view? Clicking all these levels over and over doesn't save time at all. Really strange improvement IMO

- After creating a new pull request there is no link to this pull request anymore, but link to pull request checks. It is much more logical (and reliable IMO) to have a link to pull request and then move to checks, code, commits, etc, but not vice versa


PhpStorm 2023.1.2

Build #PS-231.9011.38, built on May 17, 2023 macOS 13.3.1


Hi Roman,

Yes, the view of git branches has been re-designed and represented in a tree-view. We are aware of flaws of this design and we will be working on. Please feel free to share more feedback. Also, in the Git window, the tree structure state is preserved as folders do not collapse back. 

Regarding PR view, you can click on a number of PR directly as link is now moved there and it will open the PR itself.