RSpec hanging when running in RubyMine, works fine outside of RubyMine and on old laptop

I recently upgraded my laptop, from a 2019 MacBook Pro to a 2023 MacBook Pro (M2).  Spring and Rspec were working fine on the old laptop.

See this output in RubyMine's run tab:

/bin/zsh -c "bash -c '. /Users/jamesmcguire/.asdf/ && asdf shell ruby 2.7.8 && ruby /Users/jamesmcguire/repos/xxxx/bin/spring rspec /Users/jamesmcguire/repos/xxxx/xxxx.rb --require teamcity/spec/runner/formatter/teamcity/formatter --format '\"'\"'Spec::Runner::Formatter::TeamcityFormatter'\"'\"' --example '\"'\"'XXXX::xxxx'\"'\"''"
Testing started at 3:55 PM ...

But it just hangs.

If I disable spring system wide, it will work.


If I run this command in the console, everything works:

ruby /Users/jamesmcguire/repos/xxxx/bin/spring rspec /Users/jamesmcguire/repos/xxxx/xxxx.rb

Will also get output indicating spring is being used before the test results show up:

Running via Spring preloader in process 41619


Hello James,

Could you please specify how it goes if you stop Spring server and then run the tests with it again?


Olga Kuvardina, how do I stop the spring server?  If I disable spring (ie, use Find Action... and disable Spring pre-loader), I am able to run the tests successfully.


Please try stopping the Spring server the way it's described here