Stop PHPStorm from switching to query log in service tab


I have the following issue (kind of an overstatement, but it's very annoying). In PHPStorm (2022.3.3), in the services tab, I usually have a Docker container open so that I can issue CLI commands in it. Usually, I also have the a database table (Postgres if it matters) open and make small changes before re-running some script in the container. The really annoying part is that every time I change something in the database, the Service tab switches to that table's query log, which I never ever am interested in. Is there a way to stop the IDE from doing this? I am at the point where I either stop using the built-in docker integration or the built-in database integration because of this issue and it's a pity because I love both of them and anything else doesn't come close.

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It seems that at the moment, there's no way to stop this from happening: IDEA-219699
What you can do is enable Open Each Type in New Tab so that at least after the Database console gets focused again, you had a way to switch back to where you were without scrolling.