Go to definition does not work properly (php)

We reformatted the code with a line breaker on the project, which had the effect of putting the function parameters on the line.

Since this reformatge, the "Go to definition" ctrl+click function on the function no longer displays the parameters, nor even in the global search.

Maybe a missing setting ?


// After reformatting
public function myFunction(
) {
... ///

// Before reformatting
public function myFunction(param1, param2, param3) {
... ///

if I ctrl+click on the name of the function, the window that opens no longer displays the parameters of the function.

MyController.php 587 $service->MyFonction(
MyController.php 897 $service->MyFonction(
MyController.php 874 $service->MyFonction(
MyController.php 325 $service->MyFonction(

Before reformatting

MyController.php 587 $service->MyFonction('toto', 3, 'pizza')
MyController.php 897 $service->MyFonction('titi', 8, 'kebab')
MyController.php 874 $service->MyFonction('tata', 9, 'Macdo')
MyController.php 325 $service->MyFonction('tutu', 10, 'Settings')

Looks like, it is related not the definition but method call arguments formatting:

I believe that it is covered by the following ticket:

However, no ETA on when it would be fixed is available, sorry.