Intellij IDEA refactor scope and debugging scope


IntelliJ IDEA 2023.1.2 (Ultimate Edition)

Build #IU-231.9011.34, built on May 16, 2023

I am using this version for python development.

  1. During debug process, is there any option that to prevent the IDE to step into the library dependency packages code? Meaning that I only want to debug project python files we developed, not the packages the project uses.
  2. When doing refactoring such as rename, the IDEA also finds out all the occurrence of the name from library dependency packages (which we will not try to rename them) and present them in the preview. Is there a way to tell the IDE to only rename/refactor the project files that we developed?



1. There is an option "Do not step into library scripts" in **Preferences | Build, Execution, Deployment | Debugger | Stepping**
2. The rename refactor dialog has the scope settings, allowing you to select only the project files.