Running python scripts inside a Adroid Studio plugIn by adding dependency of Python plugin


Hi All,

I am currently integrating a python script into my plug-in project for android apps.

With this in mind, I would like to add dependency on Python plugin and reuse all this functionality from it. 

However, I am kind of unsure if this approach is suitable for my project.

I took MicroPython as a reference, but encountered some problems. After all, it seems like it is for python project not android app.

Here are some questions about using PythonCore: 

  1. Where can I find the document or example about using functionality of PythonCore plugin?
  2. In order to use the functionality of the PythonCore plugin, is it necessary that users have to manually set up the facet? Can I use the functionality of PythonCore to install the interpreter and libraries directly w/o setting up facet?
  3. If the user does not use Python to code in their project, can my plugin install the Python interpreter?

Please feel free to give me any suggestions or point me in the right direction.