Getting dialog "<escape> to cancel, <command-D> to dump threads", IDE is frozen



I get this dialog anytime I type something very common, like 'name' or 'id':

I use ideaVim, and the escape key does nothing to unfreeze the cursor. Usually the dialog stays for 10 seconds or more, during which time the IDE is frozen.

What can I do to turn off this behavior?


Thanks Ivan! That fixed the issue!


I ran into the same issue. I am also using IdeaVim. 



Could you please provide your IDE logs (Help > Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data)?
They can contain thread dumps created automatically during the UI freeze - which can point to the root cause of the freeze.


Thank you for the logs.

From the logs it looks like the issue is caused by IdeaVim plugin. Also, I can see that you have the plugin version 1.9.1 installed.
This is an older version - as you can see:, for the RubyMine release 2023.1.1 that you are using, supported version of the plugin is 2.3.0.
Could you try updating the IdeaVim plugin and see if it helps?