Had to reinstall fresh copy of Linux. I have the old copy. How to transfer old settings to IJ ?

First a little background. On a new disk I installed a new version of Linux. The old disk with the old version is unchanged. 

IJ itself is kept on a 3rd disk. It is manually downloaded to that disk, unzipped and launched each time  via double clicking on idea.sh in folder bin. This is just how I roll. 

OK, so, I downloaded the newest beta of IJ. I unzipped it and double clicked, launching it, like I do. I find I do not want the new interface or the dark theme it comes with. I want my old theme / interface / keymap back. OK fine. 

There must be something somewhere on my previous version of Linux  (still accessible on the old disk)  which told IJ when I launched it as described above what to look like, what theme to use what keymapping what project was open and how the windows were arranged because, before I reinstalled Linux, everything was fine and now nothing is fine, despite launching IJ in the same manner. 

I did try the new beta but the new beta knew nothing about my old settings. So I closed that and launched the IJ version which I had been using for months. Unfortunately, it did not return my old settings to me.  

All I want is for IJ to be the way it was. I imagine that involves transferring some files and folders from the old linux install on disk A to the linux install on disk B. 

I simply do not know what those files and folders might be. 


OK so all your previous settings on linux (on my machine at least ) are under the IJ installation folder that is under your user name (this folder will exist and you need to find it) then from there in the .config folder. You can capture all of the info I was looking for by exporting settings under  the  (I think ) File menu which will generate a file containing all the info in the .config directory.  That file can then be imported into your new install. 


Nutshell- use the export settings to generate a file then i the new install use he file import settings to suck it up and start using it. 

The configuration information lands in under your linux home  under a directory whose name is the version / release of the IJ installation (I had multiple) you are using. I cannot remember the absolute path to the IJ directory but if you search for .config using your file browser one of the returns will be the folder you are looking for. 


You can no longer import kb info and theme info from individual  files holding that info as you once were, You have to use the file-export setting file -> import setting functionality.