Remote interpreter questions

I am a budding developer for node servers at universal Devices. They operate on a Linux box called eISY. My PyCharm resides in my Win11 based box and I'm trying to develop node servers here (currently connected to the eISY via Samba). I understand that the Pro edition allows remote interpreter operation. Before I invest in the Pro edition, I would like to have some clarification: A lot of my node servers will be using resources (USB, rs485 etc), that sit on the Linux box. Will this "remote interpreter" setup allow me to run the phtyon programs using these hardware resources, without having to do any huge and complex setups? Any specifics would help. Cheers.

PyCharm basically makes SSH connection to the remote host and runs the same command that you would run manually (e.g. python So if that works, then it should also work in PyCharm.
There is a 30-days trial period, so you can try it for free to make sure it meets your requirements