Maven Java Project - Package Not Found Issue in IntelliJ IDE


Hello IntelliJ IDE users! us payserv

I hope you are all having a productive coding experience. Today, I encountered an issue with my Maven Java project, and I'm seeking some advice to resolve it.

Currently, I'm using IntelliJ IDE to develop my Maven Java project. I can successfully run the Maven commands to build the project and also use the "Run" and "Debug" options seamlessly.

However, after making changes to some source code lines and performing a "Build Project" or "Re-compile" on a specific Java file, I encountered a problem - "package not exist" and "cannot find symbol class" errors. I've tried searching for solutions on Google and attempted the "Invalidate Caches" option, but unfortunately, the issue persists.

I'm reaching out to the community to see if anyone has encountered a similar problem or can offer some advice on how to pinpoint and resolve the root cause of this issue.

Has anyone else faced a similar situation with their Maven Java projects in IntelliJ IDE? If so, what solutions or troubleshooting steps did you take to overcome the "package not exist" and "cannot find symbol class" errors?

I'm grateful for any insights or suggestions you can provide to help me resolve this issue and continue my development smoothly.

Thank you so much for your time and expertise. I look forward to your valuable responses!

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Is it reproducible with some sample project? Could you please attach screenshot with editor, error and module dependencies ("Project Structure | modules | Dependencies")? 


You can try refreshing your project and reimporting it in IntelliJ IDEA. Right-click on the project root and select "Reimport." And verify that your IntelliJ IDEA is correctly configured, including JDK settings and project structure. My Envoy Air


For Maven-based Projects it is best to use the options available from the Maven Tool Window and Maven Run/Debug Configurations.

Options from the Build Menu rely on IDEA's Native Build System, that aims to stick as closely as possible to Maven's logic, but you may encounter inconsistencies that can result in the errors mentioned above for the Projects with more complex structure and/or build logic.