Issue with VCS Change Tracking in PyCharm using Subervsion.

Hello everyone,

I've been experiencing an issue with Pycharm and I am seeking help.

Here's the context of my setup: I'm doing remote development via SSH where my local machine is running Windows 10 and the Virtual Machine (VM) is based on Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS. The project I'm working on resides in the VM and we're using Subversion 1.13.0 for version control. I am using -PyCharm Pro 2023.1.4. It's important to note that the issue I'm about to describe does not occur with Git.

Now, onto the problem I'm encountering: Whenever I modify a file tracked by VCS, the changes are visibly reflected in the editor; the change gutter shows up alongside the code and the file name in the project explorer window is highlighted in blue. However, this only lasts until the file is saved. Moreover, these changes never appear in the VCS changelist (Local Changes window).

Upon saving the file (either by me or by the IDE), the VCS change gutter and the file name highlighting disappear. If I make another modification to the same file, both the new and the previous changes are highlighted by the IDE but again, only until the file is saved.

After saving the file and thus causing the VCS highlighting to disappear, if I right-click the file, navigate to VCS and choose 'View Difference', I can actually see the difference between the branches.

This situation's got me scratching my head and seriously disrupting my zen. It's not doing any favours for my dev experience, which is already taking a hit with the whole SSH business.

Would truly appreciate any help you folks can offer to help me debug and sort out this issue.


Can you please share the output of the SVN status command?

Also, please reproduce the issue and share the entire logs folder zipped as per