Pycharm in Ubuntu cannot set Docker Compose Interpreter

I need to set pyhton interpreter in Docker Compose in Pycharm in Ubuntu.
"docker-compose-local.yaml"  file to which i should set path as option is located at:

But when i choose settings->Project->Python Interpreter  -> Add Interpreter ->On Docker Compose ->Confitguration file

the folder is not being displayed (because its starts with "." so its hidden):
While in project tree it is in place:

What can possibly solve the issue?

Hi, it seems the "show hidden files" button was removed from the file chooser, please see IDEA-316135 (

As a workaround, you can manually put the path to the hidden directory, e.g. `/home/nikita/PycharmProjects/Handswork_backend/payments-backend/.docker`, and PyCharm will show the files inside.