PyCharm Profesional sudden IDE misconfig when using with ROS 1 and Ubuntu 18


TLDR; After a few days the config breaks and the cursor sticks to the left of the editor till I finish my line. Which is annoying.

So I use PyCharm Profesional to work with ROS 1 in Ubuntu 18. No plugings (the one that the IDE suggested kept dying and I turned it off) and I just have two roots. One is my folder and the other one is the ROS workspace. That way I have support for rospy.

That works for a few days till the IDE decides to mutiny. And it is driving me crazy. I start working today and somehow (without my doing) PyCharm decided to change everything.

When you start a new line the cursor always moves to the very left and sticks there till the line is done and of correct python. Till then he reports the line as an error which in turn sometimes disables the IDE code hints. Which means I can't complete the line.

Besides this big issues I have several smaller glitches. Some random and wired "half spaced" empty lines appear within my code (at places where they should not be).

Finally some files have docstring support. Others don't. They just have nothing.

This picture pretty much shows what I mean:


Please feel free to create a ticket in our bug tracker and provide additional details such as IDE logs from the UI at Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data after reproducing the error