Getting rid of "JetBrains is reviewing this update", at least for certain updates


I know questions around the plugin verification have popped up multiple times in the past (i know because i have tried to read them all). However, what i am wondering is what exactly happens during the manual verification step. And more important, how we can automate parts to get rid of it. It would be nice to have at least bug-fixes "just released" instantly.

I can understand that marketplace changes or first-time plugins should have a deeper review, but we are are constantly uploading plugins automatically. I am sure the person at JetBrains that is looking at our plugin is pretty sick of it already. Our plugin has a monstrosity amount of unit, integration and system tests to make sure it works as expected. (if you haven't seen yet, we are doing some cool things additional to that but atm no time to write blog posts). So at least from our point of view, we do everything to not disturb the user. What else can we do to make publishing of updates faster?



During the manual verification step in general, we review every update one by one. Firstly, we check the results of IntelliJ Plugin Verifier ( which may report various issues. It is true that plugin updates generally undergo less strict checks than a new plugin. However, we still review the plugin details and ensure it continues to meet the Approval Criteria. We still catch some changes in the description or media sections that cannot be accepted.

As for the question on how to automate this process, this is what we are aiming for. We want to introduce more automated checks so we could drop manual reviews safely. Unfortunately, for now, we cannot drop the manual checks even for plugins like yours. 

Though feel free to contact us in slack channels directly if you need to get some updates approved asap. We always try to react promptly to such requests.