Does IntelliJ Community edition no longer exist?


I bough a new laptop and wanted to download IntelliJ Community for personal projects but I noticed that there's no option to download the Community Edition anymore...

Someone knows something about that? Does Jetbrains discontinued the Community Edition?


The Community Edition can be downloaded in the middle of the download page:  , you can also download it from .

IntelliJ IDEA Community is available as usual and there are no any plans to discontinue it.

You can also install it conveniently from JetBrains Toolbox, not only from the website.


NO, YOU CANNOT DO THAT!! Latest version refuses to start, older versions start fine. Trying to un install and reinstall via toolbox does not work, since the community edition is not available in the toolbox any more!! So there is no way to run existing installation, and no way to install new and latest version reuses to start It is simply NON EXISTENT!


Also note that only IDEA Ultimate are available to install in the Toolbox!!!


Version 1.5 which I also have available in Toolbox does start, but not latest.


I only use IDE for hobby/Open Source code at GitHub. I'm not a company earning money on my code. Thereby I cannot afford the Ultimate edition. This is a gigantic disappointment! Many years ago I was running a one man company and did pay for the ultimate edition, and kept paying for it even after my company was inactive. It was mostly used for open source code even when my company was active.  But being on 100% sick leave I can no longer afford to pay for this IDE, and the community edition was enough for my needs. This really hurts bad!


IntelliJ IDEA Community is available as before both on site and via Toolbox application, nothing changed in this regard

Here: may be scroll page a bit down

And also in Toolbox, nothing changed


If that is the case then there is a big incompatibility with Mac OS 14.3 since only older versions of IDEA will start on 14.3!


OK, you win! :-) I installed a virtual machine with MacOS 14.3 and then installed the toolbox and then IDEA 2023.3.3. It worked fine! So I need to uninstall all IDEA stuff on main machine and then re-instal.

Something in the upgrade of MacOS procedure must have interfered with the Toolbox installation. In my test I installed Toolbox after upgrading to 14.3.  

And YES, I can be very stubborn! Sorry!