MarkdownJCEFHtmlPanel issue: Canceling request for an external page with url



In our plugin we use MarkdownJCEFHtmlPanel to display markdown. We use it like this

val file = LightVirtualFile("", text)
val markdownPanel = MarkdownJCEFHtmlPanel(project, file)
Disposer.register(this, markdownPanel)
val html = runReadAction {
MarkdownUtil.generateMarkdownHtml(file, text, project)
markdownPanel.setHtml(html, 0)


But sometimes it doesn't show any text, just an empty panel. In logs I found the next message in this case: 


#org.intellij.plugins.markdown.ui.preview.jcef.MarkdownJCEFHtmlPanel - Canceling request for an external page with url: http://localhost:63343/markdownPreview/2046910786/markdown-preview-index-1663574018.html?_ijt=1cm97qpggebtmbp0ib4mdca2l9.
Current page url: 
Target safe url: http://localhost:63343/markdownPreview/2046910786/markdown-preview-index-1663574018.html?_ijt=kp222s3bvvt036iah91h0g4oab


It only happens for IntelliJ 2023 version with the new UI. I can't reproduce it on 2022 and the old UI.

Could someone help me fix it? 

I really appreciate any help you can provide.