phpStorm Fails to Start on MacOS Sonoma and Ventura

I recently faced this issue on macOS Ventura and now facing it on macOS Sonoma (Beta) as well. phpStorm fails to load and get stuck at the splash screen. This happens 3/5 times. Here's what I've done to fix the issue; which doesn't seem to solve the issue.

1. Totally removed phpStorm from macOS (cleaned up the folders as mentioned in the official uninstall guide)

2. Installed the fresh version from phpStorm website (2023.2)

3. phpStorm starts and then hangs on the splash screen. If I close it and start again, it sometimes works okay. But it's totally unreliable. 

Let me know how to fix this issue. 


Could you please share your logs (Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data) using our uploading service?

Thank you!


Hi Eugene Morozov - I've uploaded the data on the URL: Upload id: 2023_08_20_GVDRTEPjS2ayfX4Gokki5j (file:

I did a fresh reinstall of the older version 2023.1; and then upgraded to the latest version. It worked very well until I changed the option -> Color Theme: Light with Light Header.

Not sure if this is related; but might be useful.

The issue is back. Would appreciate it if you could offer some help. Thanks!


Hello, This problem is making phpStorm unusable for me. Can someone look into this issue, please?