Issues With Creating A New Project in Pycharm

Hi.I am very new to programming and I would like to ask  why whenever I want to create a new project.All of these configurations will pop up instead of the files 

I really need some help.Not sure what to do.


It looks like you created a virtual environment for your project which is a good place to start with a clean project that does not have any dependencies on packages that you have already preinstalled. However, you don't need a virtual environment to create a python project.

Since you write that you are a beginner, I would probably advise you to start with a simpler project that does not rely on a virtual environment.

The easiest way I know of to create a project like this is to create an empty folder somewhere on your PC, put your in it and open that directory in PyCharm via File -> Open. Just the directory, not the file.

PyCharm should treat this directory as your new project and you should only see your in the file tree.


Hello Programmerbro091

To create a new project, please do **File | New Project...** and select the required project type. 

To get familiar with the process, you can refer to our web-help. You may find useful information about project structure configuration, different types of Python interpreters, and many more. 

And please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or issues.




Thank you for your participation and your help; this is really good advice.