PyCharm Python Line Breakpoint works but not Python Exception Breakpoint with Remote Interpreter



I am running a Python file with pytest tests on a remote interpreter. I am running the file with a Python tests configuration not a normal Python configuration. When I set a Python Line Breakpoint, PyCharm faithfully pauses exception there. In the Breakpoints configuration page, I have Python Exception Breakpoint/Any exception both enabled. Yet, when a KeyError happens in my code, PyCharm DOES NOT pause execution there. Instead execution simple terminates and the errors are printed to the output console.

Is this expected behaviour or is there something I can do to fix this? I want my code to stop at any Exceptions.

FYI I know Pytest Coverage doesn't play nice with the PyCharm debugger so:

* I am passing `--no-cov` as an additional argument to the run/debug configuration

* I have commented out any use of coverage in my Pytest configuration



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