How to exec debug or run with docker remote interpreter

I set docker remote interpreter successfully.
I can see my containers running in Service tool window.

However I cant hit run or debug button to exec one specific file (The container was running)

Also, after I use remote interpreter I found the run rspec option missing in my menu. I check the gems in remote gems there is no rspec. However, I can run rspec in container terminal.

How can I set the config correctly?



Hello! Is there any possibility to provide a minimal project sample for reproduce or try using our sample ( and tutorial (



Just share my experience of using the docker remote interpreter.

The docker remote interpreter will use the helper Docker images and containers for testing and debugging, not we built container or container image. You can see them in the services tab, and the name prefix is jetbrains_ruby_helpers.

The document link:

If we update the Gemfile and/or Gemfile.lock, we also have to rebuild the helper Docker images:

  1. Build the new image with the updated Gemfile and Gemfile.lock.
  2. Sync the gem list in Settings for remote interpreter. It will rebuild the helper Docker image based on the above container image, not the container. After it's finished building, you should be able to run testing with rspec.