WebStorm 2023.2 UI in second open instance

The UI in a second open instance of WebStorm 2023.2 is absolutely hot garbage and unusable. It does seem that if I only have one instance open things function well... however, I almost always run with at least two instances of WebStorm open for multiple projects and beyond that first instance, it's.... awful. 100% of the time.. awful.

For instance, I had multiple files open. I see tabs. I click one.. maybe I'll see the file contents. Click another, sometimes the filename displaying changes but I don't see the file contents. Sometimes it's a completely blank content area.

Hot. Garbage.

Windows 11 Pro, 64bit.

I will be uninstalling and looking for an older version installer.


I was able to close all tabs and re-open and things seem to be better. Not sure if it's an issue with a project with already-open files in v2023.1 -> upgrading to 2023.2 and re-opening that same project with files already opened or what. Not pleasant. 


Please disable all non-bundled plugins and restart the IDE. 

If that will not help, please try "File | Invalidate caches..."


I'm also experiencing this with a single instance open as well. Invalidating cache does nothing. I just disabled ALL plugins and restarted the IDE and it actually rendered properly this time.

There were a BUNCH of things enabled so I have no idea which might be in play here.


Nathan Morehart  please send us your log (`Help | Collect logs and diagnostic data`). This will help us to understand what plugin to blame.

You can also try finding a problem plugin  in “bisect” style. Enable a half of the plugins, and check if the issue is reproduced. If yes,  disable half of the enabled plugins, restart, and check again, until you find a problem one.



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