Solidjs project issues...

IntelliJ IDEA 2022.3.3 (Ultimate Edition)
Build #IU-223.8836.41, built on March 9, 2023
Windows 10 10.0

I'm giving soldjs a spin...

Generated a new project (js) as directed from the official solid documentation. Found there was a solid plugin and installed/enabled that. Seems to be running just fine. However, looking a jsx code that refers to "class", the ide is suggesting to change this to "className" as if react code. How to fix this?


funny, I normally get pinged on updates. Didn't realize I was behind... thanks.
However, I'm getting this... not sure if it's specific to solidjs... but this a non-typescript enabled application:

any idea on how to adjust this?



I have similar issue with migration project from React to Solid (WebStorm 2023.3.6).

When creating a new empty Solid project – everything is fine. No complains about `class` attributes, and JSX is recognized as Solid-based:

But in a former React project this doesn't work. JSX is recognized as `React.Element`, `class` attribute is recommended to be replaced with `className` and so on. 
I have set a `"jsxImportSource": “solid-js”` in my tsconfig.json, and restarted typescript service.
I removed depedencies of react, react-dom, and @types/* for them. 
I removed all react-related imports from a module.
Restrated IDE multiple times, of course.
Nothing helps, IDE still thinks we're working with React.