Developing code remotely on a raspberry PI

So I'm developing code on a raspberry pi, its working a light weight controler, the code has to run on it even during development. 
I would like to the able to use PyCharm to develop code and the when I hit run for the code to be running on the remote device. The remote deivce has sensors and more that I cannot access locally. 
I have the professional version of PyCharm. 
Is the "remote development "  the appropite path. 
I have watch this video
and I wonder is this is the appoprite tool. I have no need for virtual environment and raspberry pi is not a "powerfull back end"  ( but I do not need power ) 
Can anyone sign post me. 

Hi, please consider the SSH interpreter (, it doesn't require a lot of resources from the remote host.

Thankyou I will look into this