Pycharm Client: No response with function "input()"

When using Jetbrains Client for Python development, I encountered an issue where the run interface became unresponsive to keyboard input. Here is the context of my setup: I am using SSH remote connection from a Mac client to Ubuntu 20.04 in WSL2 for development. Initially, I mapped Windows' port 2222 to Ubuntu's port 22, then allowed port 2222 through Windows firewall. Subsequently, I established a connection via ZeroTier virtual LAN. The Mac client was used for SSH connection, with its firewall enabled. The problem arose when running Python. Unlike local execution in PyCharm, the run window in the Client did not respond to keyboard inputs. It neither displayed nor reacted to keyboard input, causing an unexpected disruption in the development process.

Hi, could you please submit a bug report to and attach:

- A screenshot of the window which is unresponsive to input

- logs from **Help | Collect Host and Client Logs** after reproducing the issue.

Thank you for your reply. That is really helpful for me.