Input lag Pycharm

Hello! I have input lag when I type any text, text appears with a delay after 1-2 seconds.

It is on my iMac 2013: i7 3GHz 4 core, 16gb RAM. Last update, Mac OS Catalina and last update Pycharm.

I already tried reinstalled Pycharm with default settings, and still have input lag.


And I yet have less powerful Macbook Air 2011 and it is works good, and havn't this problem.


Why I have this on iMac and how I can fix it?


Well, I solved this problem by myself.

I just installed old version PyCharm (pycharm-community-2022.3.3) and this works perfectly smooth 👌

I'm glad you found a workaround. But feel free to submit a performance issue report to our tracker at so we could take a look and possibly find the root cause for the issue.