pycharm 2023.2.1 remote interpreter external libraries not being handled correctly


import os
import math
import uuid
import enum
import shutil
import logging
import requests
import datetime
import tempfile


None of these packages (and more) are being recognized once I connect to the remote interpreter. However, console and jupyter servers are working fine. But even there the base python packages are not being recoginzed while writing the code

Unfortunately, I couldn't reproduce the problem with the SSH-based interpreter. 
Could you please clarify what kind of interpreter you are using? Also, please collect PyCharm logs with Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data, upload the archive here: and tell us the upload ID.

I'm having the same issue. Even a simple `print()` function cannot be recognized (with a red curve below the function name `print`).
I tried to re-add the python interpreter: (1) click add interpreter; (2) type in the python path of my linux remote server; (3) type in the remote path of my project; (4) click OK.
But in the `External Libraries`, under my interpreter folder, there is only one sub-folder named `External Definitions`. There is no `Binary Libraries` and no `Remote Libraries`.
I have used PyCharm for six years!!! There isn't any issue before version 2022.1.4. What's the problem after 2023.1.4? 


Please update to 2023.2.3. If the issue persists, file a ticket to and attach your logs (Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data).