How to start server for Django project created from existing source

I have a django project that was created outside of PyCharm and created a PyCharm project specifying the source directory.

When I try to “run”,  it just says “found 0 tests” and exits.

If I create a django project in PyCharm, this works ok. There must be some setting to specify what gets run.


Django support was configured.

The problem is making sure that the appropriate configuration is available when running the application. I've tried again and found an available run configuration so it works.

But trying to create a Django project from existing source gives a strange message which doesn't really make sense. I don't think ‘uchfh’ should conflict with a Python module. I get the same error for all existing Django project created outside PyCharm.


Could you please: 


1)  check the problem with another python interpreter? Does the problem remain?

2) try to create the same using python  interpreter from the command line: Do you have the same error?