Clone project 'pearl' from GitHub with top directory 'pearl', but module 'pearl' not found even if marked as source root

I have cloned a project called pearl from GitHub, with top directory pearl. The top directory is supposed to be the top Python module as well.

When trying to execute a test source file with import pearl, PyCharm gives an error “ No module named 'pearl' ”

I have marked pearl as a source root, but that has made no difference; I still get the same error.

What can possibly be wrong?

PS: I've created a simple project showing the same problem:

Hi, that's an expected behavior. 

If you run the following snippet

import sys
from pprint import pprint

You will probably see that your project root appears there, which means the modules are being searched starting from that root, i.e. omitting the name of the root.

from sun import Sun