latest 2023.2.2 won't run

I've just installed the latest 2023.2.2 but it refuses to run. Starting it in a shell, it says

“IDE has not been initialized yet”

and then retuirns to the prompt

I simply did the usual download (and checked the checksum) and extracted the archive. 

I did have the 2023.2.1 version which I had installed not long ago but not used until today. That didn't work and when I looked I saw the new version so didn't investigate why 2023.2.1 failed and simply took the latest, of course I suspect that it did the same as I report now. 

This is on a quite old linux, xubuntu (18.04 LTS) but previous webstorm have been fine  I have never had any problems with previous webstorm (also use Pycharm - 2023.2.2 fine and IDEA but not the latest yet)

Any suggestions?



The message usually means there is an IDE instance already running. When you see it again, please check with ps -x | grep java whether it's actually the case.

Please see comments in for more information



I must admit I did almost have a look via ‘ps’ but when I saw the message in the shell it did seem to suggest that something was amiss. Of course how an instance of the IDE was already running is another matter and I certainly cannot recall seeing anything (the ‘splash’ nor ‘webstorm’ itself) on the taskbar and ithere was certainly nothing  there when I ran it again…but we can forget about that.

Having rebooted (always power down overnight) Webstorm starts up fine. So I'll remember that although were I being slightly annoying I might ask why the message didn't say ‘IDE is already running’.

thanks again