Modal commit dialog with background code analysis?


Is it possible to use the old modal commit dialog in conjunction with the background code analysis?

I like the background code analysis because it allows me to focus working on the code and fix the code issues later on. However, the non-modal commit panel opens itself when I use the shortcut for commiting but doesn't close itself after commiting. This is annoying for me when I'm working on two editors side-by-side as it decreses the size of the editors and I have to close the commit panel manually.

I think being able to use the old modal dialog in conjunction with the background code analysis would greatly enhance the ability to focus on the code.


Hello, Dominik Demaj-Seitz. Do I understand you correctly that the Use non-modal commit interface option in the   Settings | Version Control | Commit  window is what you're looking for?  


Disabling it should bring back the Commit changes dialog:



Hello Olga Mulina !

Thanks for the response.

I would like to use this dialog but with the post-commit checks (i.e. the same behaviour as in the non-modal commit interface).

Currently, my workflow is kinda like this:

  1. I change some code and press Ctrl+K to bring up the non-modal commit interface.
  2. I commit the code (and the commit checks start running.)
  3. I manually have to close the non-modal commit interface.

Everytime closing the non-modal commit interface is cumbersome. Therefore, I wanted to use the modal commit dialog, which closes itself after commiting. However, then I would have to wait until the commit checks have been finished.

To summarize, I would like to use a commit interface, which closes itself after commiting and runs the commit checks after the commit/in the background. Is this possible?

I hope this makes it more clear what I'm trying to achieve :)


Hi Dominik,

Unfortunately this is not possible. Only non-modal can be used with background code checks. 

Can you please elaborate why is closing the commit dialog problematic after comitting? 


Hi Dino!

What's the use of the non-modal commit pane after commiting? Currently, it just stays open and decreases the space available for the editor. So you have to close it manually to get the space back for the editor. That's getting cumbersome if you commit often.

IMHO a pane closing itself after it has no use is just good UX (especially if it has openend itself).

What do you think?


Hi Dominik,

Indeed those are valid points. Please feel free to open a feature request on our youtrack. It will be public and more people will be able to comment and vote.