Full text search with Postgres


Trying to understand behavior of FullText Search in DataGrip 2023.2.1
Build #DB-232.9559.28, built on August 16, 2023

If I execute sql  like

select *  from schema.table WHERE _id = '9d32b83e-00d5-36b8-83b5-715e0a25b9d6'


 I am getting results

However If I do a fulltext search on the same table for the same 9d32b83e-00d5-36b8-83b5-715e0a25b9d6 I am not getting any results (I am using “contains” and selecting all fields )


What do you mean by full-text search? 
Can you show the screenshot of how you are searching? 


Just selecting a schema and entering search string but the result is the same even if I select individual table


What happens when you click search? Can you show the screenshot? 

What is the type of _id column? 

What does the generated query return in case of direct execution? 


_id is uuid 


With direct execution it gives array error 


this is what is in the field with the error

I think I had seen that bugID before, but will have to search again ….


So now that we know what the problem is - is there a way to workaround the issue?