PyCharm - Adding new Interptreter doesnt seem to do anything

Until recently I had python 3.8 as my system interpreter, but now I have installed 3.11 (and removed 3.8) and I want to change this in PyCharm. I have tried adding the new interpreter thought “Add New Interpreter > System Interpreter > Add from the drop down menu”. This adds the interpreter in the project window but the option still stays as “<No interpreter>” no matter how many times I select it, and after I restart PyCharm it is gone. I can run python through the CMD and Visual Studio Code finds the interpreter no problem so I am not sure what the issues is.

I have tried:
1. Reinstalling python
2. Reinstalling PyCharm (current version 2023.2.1)
3. Changing the directory of the interpreter folder to “C:/” instead of under “AppData/Programs/Python311”
4. Using the interpreter as a base for a virtual environment instead of using it directly
5. Trying to add the interpreter through “Interpreter Settings > Add Interpreter”

After “adding” it it does show under the settings in the project and I can see the installed modules but I doesn't add it for the project.

When I try adding it to the project it goes through the usual processes until it gets to “Scanning for installed modules” and after that it stops and nothing happens.

And after that it still stays at <No interpreter> and I cant run anything.



>Changing the directory of the interpreter folder to “C:/” instead of under “AppData/Programs/Python311”

Does it mean that you manually copied the files from one location to another? 

Please try to start the IDE with default settings by renaming config folder