RuboCop execution error

I have an error within rubymine that rubocop cannot execute, it displays this message: Error:/home/daniel/.asdf/installs/ruby/2.7.8/bin/ruby: no Ruby script found in input (LoadError)

I've tried everything.

I also noticed that sometimes this same message happens with rake.

I'm on Kubuntu 22.04
using asdf
ruby 2.7.8

I'm running rubymine directly through the "./" terminal to get some environment variables.

please help me.



Since you've also submitted the same question via the support system, it'd be great to continue the discussion there. However, for those who have the same issue, it's worth checking how it goes if you run the RuboCop manually. There was also a thread with a similar problem with asdf, solved by including current Ruby install path to PATH (though it has been fixed but can be checked as well).


running rubocop manually through the terminal works