Ability to hide parameter hints for selected functions


I've got a following function:

If I enable parameter type hints:

the hints look like this, taking away all of my screen and I need to scroll far far away to the right to see the actual function definition.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to disable the hints for one method, only globally:

I know that I saw disabling of other hints per method basis for example. Is this a bug or is it simply because it's a “lambda” style function that I can't disable the hints? Could this be something that could be implemented?


Hello Martin,

That doesn't seem to be related to lambdas, but to the block parameters. So do I understand it right that you'd like to have the ability to disable hints for particular block parameters?


Olga Kuvardina Not sure what the right solution here is really but if I do have a long param hint that hides the whole function for me (I actually saw this happen multiple times by this point), I'd like to disable it only for this particular function call essentially, not for all other blocks.


Martin Svoboda , I've submitted a corresponding feature request, so could you please add your vote there.