RubyMine 2023.2.3 debugger console unstable and mostly broken


It looks like the debugger when using the console with this version, if you enter a command in the console it will typically work the first time.

But then if you try to enter another command, the console is stuck and no more respond:



IMO this makes the debugger pretty much unusable. 

I am aware we can observe locale variables in evaluate expressions, but you cannot execute full instructions .


Hello Martin,

Could you please specify which RubyMine, Ruby and debug gems versions you're using?


sure! here it is

Rubymine: RubyMine 2023.2.3, Build #RM-232.10072.21, built on October 6, 2023

ruby: # ruby -v
ruby 3.1.4p223 (2023-03-30 revision 957bb7cb81) [x86_64-linux]

debug gems installed:

# gem list | grep debase
debase (0.2.5.beta2)
debase-ruby_core_source (3.2.2)

# gem list | grep ruby-debug-ide
ruby-debug-ide (0.7.3)

Hello Martin,

Could you please check how it goes in the latest 2023.3 EAP? Before running debug there, please uninstall all the debug gems, so that IDE offers you to install them again.

Hi Olga, thanks for the update. Just got the new 2023.3 EAP. It looks like fixed so far with preliminaries tests. Will keep this thread updated if I see some issue.



Hi Martin,

Thanks for trying it, good to know it works fine there.

In case the problem comes back, please let me know.