LINUX - UBUNTU:22.04 - Dart CLI Project - IntelliJ Idea Dart Debug doesn't stop on breakpoints. Does not appear to be attaching to `dart run --observe` debug process.

Hi everyone,

I've been struggling for several days now trying to figure out why IntelliJ Idea IS NOT stopping at breakpoints when working on a Dart CLI project. I used the IntelliJ “New Project” guide to create a Dart CLI project and, upon setting a simple breakpoint, the IDE simply runs the program and the “Dart VM” “pauses on exit”.

I've tried using the exact same process (IntelliJ “New Project”) to create a project on a Macbook that I have and everything works auto-magically, right out of the box. There seems to be some issue with IntelliJ Idea when being used on a Linux/Ubuntu machine where the IDE starts the Dart VM and then simply does not attach itself automatically to the debug process that it has spawned.

My Macbook is super old (from 2014) and I only use it for things like this - i.e., figuring out if an issue I'm facing is because I'm working from Linux or if the problem is something I'M doing wrong… In this instance, since IntelliJ Dart debugging works out of the box on OSX (Monterey), I think it's safe to assume that the problem is connected to the fact that I'm using IntelliJ on my Ubuntu machine and, somewhere along the way, the IDE itself is at fault (maybe some VM flag issue???).

Any and all help is very, very welcome! I think I may need to report this as an Issue to the IntelliJ team but felt that maybe, some other Linux user is working with Dart and has been able to get debugging working without issue.

Many thanks!