Unresolved function or method mount(), createApp() and type Vue

I am new to Vue and using Webstorm. Do I need to properly create a new vue app using “vue create my-vue-app” or I can just using Vue methods in normal html and js files? I did install npm and use it to install Vue.

I noticed that when using Vue methods in normal js files, Webstorm give me warnings like unresolved functions or methods like mount(), createApp(), and the type Vue. It worked fine when I opened the html file in browser though. I just don't like the yellow underline and the method/type name not colored.




Do you have vue npm module installed, or have the library referenced via CDN link in your HTML file? In the latter case, you have to create a JavaScript library as instructed in Vue.js | WebStorm Documentation (jetbrains.com) to get Vue methods resolved