Option to set a branch prefix


Is there an option in the Jetbrains IDEs (especially WebStorm) to define a branch prefix for Git?
In VSCode there is a setting called "git.branchPrefix" that does exactly that. 
Since we primarily work with subdirectories in version control, it would of course be great if this would be possible so that you don't always have to write the subdirectory in the branch name yourself.

Thanks in advance!


When creating a branch name, you may separate it with / and this will create a folder with the prefix name. (group by directory must be enabled in the git log)

When creating a new branch from that, old name should be preserved, so you may just edit it and leave the prefix. 


Thanks for letting me know!

For my case our base branch is called “dev-base” and I'm creating a new branch with this dialog:

I assume there is no way to always have a prefix there, regardless of the source branch?



Unfortunately, that is not possible. It will always preserve the name of the source branch. 

Please feel free to file a feature request on our YouTrack https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue


Thanks for letting me know, I'll create a feature request.

Thank you!