Pycharm is not showing all library reference errors after upgrading python 3.6 to 3.11

The current problem pycharm misses some reference errors on IDE. Those references would be alright for python3.6, but after I upgraded to python3.11, it would still show that my library imports are fine. However, library import are actually incorrect for python3.11, and I only found out during runtime. I have already changed to python3.11 in my interpreter

How do I change my Pycharm settings so it show all library reference and import errors, warnings for my new python version correctly, without having run to test it.


In python3.6, below would be alright

```from collections import Iterable```

However, in python3.11 above import has an error. But Pycharm does not show depreciation warning nor unresolved reference error.

Only when I try to run it does it show the error. The correct should be below:

```from import Iterable```


Hi, I tried your example in PyCharm 2023.2.5 and it shows `'Iterable' is not declared in __all__` inspection, warning about the issue you have mentioned. Please try resetting the inspection settings to defaults in **Preferences | Editor | Inspections**, make sure your IDE is updated, and try again. If the issue persists, feel free to let me know and we'll try to troubleshoot it.