Angular 17 Support


We've just started a new project with angular 17 and while using the new @for(){} syntax I was quite shocked that the whole HTML inside the {} turns in to simple text. Does Webstorm not support that syntax? I'm using version 2023.2.5

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Just realized I can use the EAP version.


Exactly, please try our EAP version, it provides a basic support for the new control flow syntax. More features will land in 2023.3.1


PyCharm EAP still doesn't support it?

2023.3 EAP ( should include the basic Angular 17 support

It's 2024 and still WebStorm doesn't know about standalone components


Can you please share a bit more context around the problem? Which version of the IDE are you using?

Looks as if your .html file is not treated as Angular template. Please could you share a screenshot of quick documentation popup shown when you select your *.html file in Project tool window and hit F1 (or whatever shortcut is assigned to View | Quick documentation action) plus your idea.log (Help> Show Log in…)? This will give us the information we need about your environment and custom plugins you have installed.



It's really a pain, ~90% of a my front end dev work is with Angular and I don't understand why it's still like this. Free apps like visual studio code don't suffer from this which doesn't make sense because intelij apps have always been better in terms of Angular support.


Here is more info:

- App version: Webstorm Build #WS-233.14015.89, built on January 23, 2024

- Screenshot of quick documentation popup shown when you select your *.html file in Project tool window and hit F1

- Installed plugins, everything else is just the default plugins that come with Webstorm minus the AI and machine learnings plugins which I disabled

- Theme: Default Dark theme that comes with Webstorm


Unfortunately I failed to reproduce the issue in WS-233.14015.89:

Could you check if the problem persists after the caches invalidation (File >Invalidate caches, Invalidate and Restart)?If it does, could you check one more thing? Does the problem occur only for specific projects, or does it occur regardless of the project? Can you reproduce the issue in a new Angular CLI app?


I have the same issue.

New app, created via Angular CLI, version 17.2.3, Node.js 20.11.1.

I checked it in 

  • WebStorm 2023.3.4 Build #WS-233.14475.40, built on February 14, 2024
  • WebStorm 2024.1 EAP Build #WS-241.13688.21, built on February 22, 2024



I found a problem - I had a File Type association `*component.html` assigned to Angular HTML Template, and v17 has it's own file type - Angular HTML Template (17+). 

After removing it (or reassigning to 17+) it's recognizing new syntax well.