Stop quoting when copy/paste query result

Hi there,

I often write sql to generate similar code, but when I copy and paste result, datagrip add quotes. I have to remove it manually. Is it possible to turn off this?




May I know how you copy the result set values: as separate cell values or the whole row(s)?


I copy the whole column


Thanks for the update. 

Please provide the following information for further investigation:

- current DataGrip ver

- the table definition

- a few samples of rows wrapped in double quotes when copied from the data viewer




Thanks for the answer, but it's not what I'm trying to do. I'm defining a column by concatenating strings.

Like that,
SELECT DISTINCT '"' || ep.key || '",'
FROM analytics_338480108.events_20231116,
     UNNEST(event_params) ep
WHERE event_name = 'click_add_fav'

And result is:

I want to copy paste exact what is in the result, but actually this what's happening:


I use quite often concatenations, for instance, when I want to do multiple selects to the same type of tables. The query looks like:

SELECT 'SELECT COUNT(*), "'||table_name||'" table FROM '||table_schema||'.'||table_name||' UNION ALL' FROM dataform.INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES
WHERE table_name LIKE 'snapshot%';

And again it ads quotes when I copy paste.


"SELECT COUNT(*), ""snapshot_banner_ad_positions"" table FROM dataform.snapshot_banner_ad_positions UNION ALL"
"SELECT COUNT(*), ""snapshot_banner_ad_regions"" table FROM dataform.snapshot_banner_ad_regions UNION ALL"
"SELECT COUNT(*), ""snapshot_banner_ad_reporting_users"" table FROM dataform.snapshot_banner_ad_reporting_users UNION ALL"


DataGrip 2023.2.3
Build #DB-232.10203.8, built on October 25, 2023
Runtime version: aarch64
VM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM by JetBrains s.r.o.
macOS 14.0
GC: G1 Young Generation, G1 Old Generation
Memory: 2048M
Cores: 8
Metal Rendering is ON



Thanks for the clarification.

It wraps the values of the copied result set with quotes indeed. I have reproduced this issue and had it reported here:

Please follow this issue to stay updated on the progress.