How to debug using keyboard only



Debugging in IntelliJ/Debugging is super easy, however, there are a few features I don't know how to activate using keyboard only.


I have TrackId's enabled for IdeaVim and am wanting to either create an Ideavim mapping or just a keyboard shortcut. Unfortunately I have not been able to find how to do it using the track id function and via searching/trying the keymaps so I have ended up “asking for your help… once again”!


1. When I hover over a variable/method I can see the return response, how do I do this with keyboard only. I noticed that I can replicate the hover over when I highlight the whole word, but this is tedious and it'd be easier if I can just be in the variable and hit a button to replicate hover over.

I attempted using the above keymap but it didn't work :(

2. The responses are shown on the right hand side during just in time compiling. How can I open a specific variable to see it without having to click on it (I'd expect a list I can choose from).




1. Please provide more context. Send a screenshot of the debugging session, where you don't see the values of the variable.

My example:

2. Try “add inline watch” action (`Shift + Shift`, then type “add inline watch”), you may add a custom shortcut to it. 


Nadia Tarashkevich 

For example, regarding 2. See on line 4 how I have 3 variables being pinted out, including n, x and nested. How can I show the value of nested when I am debugging on that line using keyboard only.

Inline watch isn't what I'm after, see annotated pictue for reference.


To answer 1, I can see the values of the variable, I just want to expand them, say it is an object


Should I create a new feature request for this?


Josh Piper1505 , no worries, I will file the feature request myself. However, we need to understand your scenario better.

1. As you hover over the variable, no new information appears on the screen. Value “5” had been already displayed on the right.
Did I understand correctly that you intend to put the value in the buffer? 

2. Do you need to preview long variables, such as objects with many fields? 


1. I'm refering to the usecase where we are activating the hover using keyboard only. So say there is the variable `x` like in this scenario, I can either use the mouse to hover over the variable and see its output or I can select the whole variable by highlighting it, which results in the same outcome.


The issue is about when we have a variable that is longer than 1 character, let's take `nested`. I can either use my mouse to hover over it, but If I want to see the value using keyboard only I would need to highlight the whole word “nested”.


Instead, the desired outcome is to have my caret inside the word nested, and activate a shortcut such as “hover” (there is a hover shortcut, but it doesn't do what I am trying to do for this usecase) and expect to see the output even though I haven't highlighted the whole variable name.

2. Yes


I have created a feature request IDEA-338650, please upvote.