Extra indent in declaration section for stored procedures

If I'm creating or editing stored procedure in declaration section after pressing Enter on the first line extra indent is added on the next line:

If I do the same in anonymous PL/SQL block - everything has been working fine:

Dialect: Oracle

Version: IntelliJ IDEA 2023.2.5 (Ultimate Edition) (sorry - not a DataGrip, please forward me to correct place if this problem can't be reproduced in DataGrip)



Please export your code style scheme from File | Settings | Editor | Code Style and upload it onto our FTP:


Provide the upload id in your reply. We'll have a look.

Thanks for reply. While inspecting the code style export file I found that extra indent is added by Editor > General > Smart Keys > Smart indent. When I unselect checkbox everything is working correctly :)

Thanks for letting us know that.

I guess we'll need to rearrange that section to make them more easy to find for our users.