PyCharm Remote Development on a "Remote" Server - Is it okay to have local path and deployement path the same?

Hi Everyone,

I have a pycharm project(code repo) under ../Projects/Project in my desktop computer back home, using the remote development feature I ssh from my laptop to my computer. The first time I was creating the connection in pycharm, the deployement path has been created newly as /tmp/Project. So the local path(i.e. /Projects/Project) and deployement path(i.e. tmp/project) is different but inside the same machine(my desktop). As explained here, files in deployment path (tmp in my case) are only read only, and if you want to make a change you either “synch” or update the local file instead. However I sometimes want to directly use my desktop at home and sometimes remotely code while away with my laptop. However this read-only thing in deployement path is making things a bit slower. 

Is it okay to or is it good practice to set the local path and deployment path as the same which is ../Projects/Project?




I think I misinterpreted the concept of servers, i.e. local, in-place, remote. The server type I needed was in-place server, which I can have by first ensuring ssh connection to my desktop through the gateway, and then setting a "local" interpreter. This local interpreter is inside my desktop which I ssh to. By doing this, I don't have a deployement or local path, everthing is same as if I am sitting in front of my desktop.

If the paths are on different machines - it's ok to specify similar directories. But if you are deploying on the same machine, it's better to avoid using the same directories.