Super Annoying Purple Line on left side of code.

After recent update… a lot of my files now have a giant purple vertical line along the left side of my editor windows.   Clicking it does nothing but bring up some type of Diff with what appears to be random branches or … no idea… I cant see my actual changes now

Its REALLY distracting…



I have no changes in this file for my current commit… and the entire file has purple up and down both sides… if I make changes… the line I change becomes green… but its now virtually impossible to quickly see what lines ive modified….     argh!!!


Hm, I cannot recognize this gutter marker color, here is the list of defaults (at least on Dark color scheme):

Could you please check yours in “ Settings/Preferences | Editor | Color Scheme | VCS > Editor Gutter”? 


When I disable the gitlab plugin the lines disappear


Same issue here, the changed lines start to be purple as soon as I push my commit 


Also recently encountered this issue. Only fix for me was to disable the GitLab bundled plugin, which is sad because I liked the other features of it.


Guys, I figured this one out. It's some Review Mode in the Gitlab plugin, it's highlighting MR differences on the current branch.

You can disable the purple lines by opening the expand on the current git branch button, you'll see the option toward the top. Uncheck and ta-da.