AI Assistant does not work

I started PyCharm today, and 2 new things happened:

1. First, it appeared a message saying that now the IDE has AI capabilities, and that I should disable Github Copilot to use it

2. Second, a new “AI Assistant” panel appeared on the right, asking me to try the new feature.

The “learn more” page is gorgeous. As requested, I disabled Github Copilot, and clicked in the button “Log in to JetBrains Account..” to use it.

When I click, a window pops up with the text “Log in to JetBrains Account” and the button “Get Started”. I click the button and NOTHING HAPPENS.

I re-enabled Github Copilot and came here to see what's wrong. It would be great to have the features promised in the “learn more” link. While they are not working yet, I continue with Github Copilot.

Any help would be great. Cheers!



Same problem here in a PhpStorm.


For me it says no licenses found and I can't choose Start Trial (and I haven't tried this service yet).

Additionally, I have the All Products Pack that I assumed included—"all" products but either there is more work to do or I guess I misunderstand the meaning of all.

All and all this is quite a disappoint experience.


Same here.

Free trial disabled.

Also frustrated… After so many years as a loyal customer…

Back to Github Copilot…

(How NOT to do a product launch… what a mess..)


Thank you for contacting JetBrains Technical Support.

The issue is caused by our bug, which is planned to be fixed in the nearest bugfix update.

Please check the workaround in the description of the following ticket on YouTrack: